What is the difference between your display and non-display products?

Please note that for our tealight collection, our products are available as either a display or non-display item. Our display products contain a provision for a globe within a display unit, whereas our non-display products have no provision to allow for a tealight to be used. Please note these differences when you place an online order.

How will I know when you will be exhibiting at Trade Fair events?

All information about upcoming trade fairs are listed on our trade fairs tab. Please refer to our Trade Fair page to keep up to date with our upcoming trade events. We also post regularly about upcoming trade fairs on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to stay updated about our latest events.

How do I request high resolution images?

If you require high resolution images, please contact our sales department on +61 3 9874 2266 or at sales@boyleindustries.com.au. You will need to provide us with an email address for us to send you high resolution images of specified products. 

Where can I find your SDS Pages?

Our SDS Pages are available for download on the SDS section of our website.  Please refer to this tab for all our available SDS pages.  Click here to access the SDS section of the website.


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What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order total is $200.00 for your first order and $150.00 for subsequent orders. Please note that for some products there are minimum quantities as indicated on the product prior to ordering.


How much will my freight charges equate to?

Once an order is placed online, it is given to dispatch. The items will need to be picked and packed to receive the dimensions to receive a freight quote from our freight company.


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